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Ms Lauren truly believes that control of the male orgasm belongs firmly in the hands of a dominant woman. While superior females are capable of multiple orgasms that take nothing from their ambition, creativity and work ethic, well males just aren't so lucky. A male who's given orgasms too frequently comes to believe he deserves them. Not only does the drained male gain a sense of entitlement, his energy levels become severely depleted from loss of precious bodily fluids.

Some techniques used by the femdom Mistress to limit male orgasm while keeping him hungry include extended bouts of tease and denial, chastity training, frequent edging without orgasm, ruined orgasms, prostate milking and more. Frequently, superior women cocktease the denied male in order to teach them who is ultimately in the control... his femdom Mistress! Such femdom Mistresses adore the pleas for release, the promises of their male submissives attempting a bit of satisfaction and enjoy making false promises to said denied males... or giving them impossible tasks to perform in order to "earn" an orgasm. Of course the males fail miserably while their femdom laughs knowingly.

In some cultures, orgasm denial for the male of the species is considered an ideal state. Due to the detrimental effects of frequent orgasm on the inferior sex, males, orgasm denial is the only sure fire way to keep males working hard to fulfill their ultimate purpose... to serve and submit to the superior sex, womankind. Orgasm denial teaches males humility, obedience and focuses all their sexual desire upon the female dominant who holds the power of his orgasm in her well manicured hands.

To appreciate the benefits of male orgasm denial, males must experience the joy of serving a superior female. Ms Lauren is one such female who's not afraid to tell a begging boy “no”. Give yourself over to orgasm control and orgasm denial to Ms Lauren by calling 1-800-730-7415!

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