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Using Male Orgasm Denial To Control Your Submissive

What is Male Orgasm Denial?

While most males feel it's the right to stroke themselves off anytime they please, real men know holding back makes eventual release volcanic. Erotic male sexual denial and orgasm denial is a sexual practice and form of total power exchange in which the male submissive gives complete control over his orgasms over to a higher power, his Mistress. The purpose of denial is to keep the male submissive aroused, titillated and pushed to the edge constantly with no hope for sexual release. Chastity is a sure fire way of keeping the male submissive denied. I've found that mental chastity or conditioning the slave to understand orgasm is not his choice works just as well as physical chastity devices like the CB6000. When fantasy orgasm denial is the game, the male may get his release at the end of the session after extended periods of tease and denial.

What is the goal of orgasm denial?

Unable to touch the part of him that he thinks makes him a man emasculates the submissive male. While he might not have been a masturbator before, the taboo of touching what his Mistress has effectively banned him from makes him much more aware of his penis. Ironically, this usually makes the male submissive determined to stimulate himself, thinking his Mistress will never know. Most male submissives are caught in this arrogant and selfish act and are punished accordingly, usually with even more time tacked onto their chastity sentence. For incorrigible slaves such as these who can't be trusted with mental chastity. A chastity belt is often required to train the male submissive to his true place in life.

What is Chastity?

Chastity occurs when a male follows through on his promise to his femdom not to touch himself or if edging is required, not to bring himself to orgasm. While most orgasmically denied males do fine with mental chastity, some of the tougher cases need physical reinforcement. Chastity Belts come in a wide variety of styles and shapes to conform to most any anatomy. A key holder is a Mistress who holds the key to the chastity device. Some of them have an additional surprise, a butt plug that nestles between the male's cheeks while his penis is locked away in bondage. Males in chastity become very dependent on their key holder. She becomes the pinnacle of their sexual existence and he will soon move heaven and earth to please his Queen, his Goddess, his Mistress. Chastity is usually only used as an orgasm denial tool after Mistress/slave ownership has been firmly established.

Won't orgasm denial cause lack of interest in sex?

To the contrary, orgasm denial makes the male submissive much more aware of what he's missing out on. Not only do his thoughts wander sexually more often, but he begins to sexualize the femdom who holds his key. As he moves deeper into his submission, be it a physical or mental, those random thoughts that were disrespectful change so he venerates and begins to worship the superior sex, females. The chaste, orgasm denied male sexualizes the woman who holds control over his orgasms and treats any woman he meets with the utmost diffidence. His Mistress controls that most personal, private act and he loves her for it. And the women he meets in his daily life also hold the potential to emasculate him even further, so that respect extends to all women. Far from being less sexual, this state of mind makes him to look at sex in a completely different way... a way in which he is the submissive partner and the women he meets are his Mistresses.

What are the effects of orgasm denial?

Obviously, a male can't go forever without orgasm. Not only is that unhealthy, it gives him nothing to look forward to. But spacing orgasms far apart insures they don't become commonplace, but a type of "holiday" that your male looks forward to. To drain a male submissive between orgasms, techniques such as prostate milking and ruined orgasms serve to keep him hungry and aching whilst giving little relief. These orgasms can also be used to insure he does as he's told, else his orgasm be delayed, ruined or eliminated altogether. Orgasm denial can turn a male chauvinist pig into a pussy whipped partner any Mistress would be proud to own.

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